March Reading Recap!

Hi guys! Happy Easter! May the glory of Christ’s resurrection provide you strength and bless you continually throughout your lives! I pray that God may guide each of you throughout your lives. Today, I am posting my March Reading Re-Cap, and surprisingly I managed to finish so many books regardless of my extremely busy schedule. My Spring Break is also about to end, but I’ve certainly recharged with a lot of rest, prayer, and reading these past few days. I hope you enjoy this post, and have a blessed day!

5 Stars

Open If You Dare by Dana Middleton

Open If You Dare


4 Stars

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau

Civil Disobedience


The Beloved Wild by Melissa Ostrom

The Beloved Wild


Whisper of the Woods by D. G. Driver

Whisper of the Woods


Echo of the Cliffs by D. G. Driver

Echo of the Cliffs


The Unicorn Quest by Kamilla Benko

The Unicorn Quest


Reclaiming Shilo Snow by Mary Weber

Reclaiming Shilo Snow


The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton

The Queens of Innis Lear


Isle of Blood and Stone by Makiia Lucier

Isle of Blood and Stone


3 Stars

Circle of Ashes by Elisa Kova and Lynn Larsh

Circle of Ashes


ICYMI: In Case You Missed This Month’s Posts

Author Interviews

Jake Burt, author of Greetings from Witness Protection!

Amy Trueblood, author of Nothing but Sky

Author Guest Posts

Gia Cribbs, author of The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan, on “Plotting, Pantsing, and the Art of Surprise”


“From Film to Fiction to Film Again” with Brittany Goodwin (If You’re Gone) and Jennifer Brody (The Continuum Trilogy)



Greetings from Witness Protection! by Jake Burt (4 Stars)

Nothing but Sky by Amy Trueblood (4 Stars)

The Beloved Wild by Melissa Ostrom (4 Stars)

The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton (4 Stars)

These Ruthless Deeds by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas (4 Stars)

Fragile Chaos by Amber R. Duell (3 Stars)

Blog Tours

The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton (Book Review)

These Ruthless Deeds by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas (Book Review)



February Reading Re-Cap

Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester

Have you read any of these books? What are your thoughts?

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