Happy Thanksgiving! An Acknowledgements-Styled Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!! I hope you are having a blessed day full of food, love, and family! I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped me out in my blog, so I’ve decided to write a little “Acknowledgements” section here like I would do if I were to write a novel.

It’s been a great two-and-a-half years as a book blogger, and I certainly would not be able to be where I am today without the help of some amazing people.

Thanks to Lilly, Cayli, and Kelsey for being three of the greatest co-bloggers I could ever have. Certainly, you have helped me out a tremendous amount, and I had such a great time blogging with you all. I hope many amazing books will be in your futures!

Thank you to all the bloggers, Twitter friends, and blog readers who have encouraged me throughout my blogging journey, especially Krysti, Sarah, Ashleigh, and Karlita for all of their love, support, and bookish conversations. Thanks to Danielle, whose frequent comments on my blog posts make my day. Stephanie, you may not be here with us today, but you will always be in my heart for being my best blogger friend and my virtual teacher.

Thanks to every single author who I’ve interacted with both online and in real life who have been on my blog and who have supported me in all of my endeavors. Thanks to Jarrett Lerner, who has introduced me to the wonderful MG community. I’m giving another huge thank you to Alice Faye Duncan, who certainly has inspired and encouraged me in my personal life. Thanks to Melissa Ostrom for all of your love and support online–seeing your Tweets online makes me smile. Thank you, Mary Weber, for blessing me greatly with your fun and caring personality and for the conversation we had over Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee at SE-YA. More thanks to Nadine Brandes and Monica Tesler for changing my life with your books. Thank you Jennifer Brody for being the first author I’ve ever connected with and became an enormous fan of. Thanks to D. G. Driver for hanging out with me at SFB and being such a great friend (a local author friend!) both online and offline. Finally, thanks to the Tennessee kidlit community, the MG community, and the YA community for all of your encouragement and support, including Kristin O’Donnell Tubb, Andrew Maraniss, Linda Williams Jackson, Corabel Shofner, Jenn Bishop, Dana Middleton, Ann Braden, Bridget Hodder, Brad McLelland, Melissa Roske, Mindee Arnett, Kathleen Burkinshaw, Shaila Patel, Monika Schroeder, Christina Soontornvat, Jake Burt, Rebecca Donnelly, Mary Fan, Sally J. Pla, Alyssa Hollingsworth, and Lyndsay Ely. I’m probably forgetting a whole bunch of people, but THANK YOU!

Thanks so much to Morgan Rath, my publicity contact at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, for introducing me to so many wonderful books and authors. I certainly would not have the opportunity to help promote so many amazing books if we were not connected. Thanks also to Jean at JeanBookNerd, who has brought me onto some amazing blog tours. I appreciate all of your kindness and understanding, and it is my pleasure to work with the best blog tour organizer ever.

Thanks so much to my librarians, Mrs. Mason and Mrs. McCartney, for helping cultivate my love of books. Thank you, Mrs. Mason, for helping instill in me a newfound passion for reading, and thank you, Mrs. McCartney, for allowing me to be a library assistant to help spread my love of books to others in our school. Thank you to my 9th grade English teacher Mrs. Cox, who also was influential in not only growing my love for books but also helping bring about the idea for me to start book blogging.

Thank you readers, for supporting me by subscribing to my blog and social media platforms and reading my posts. It means a lot that somebody–that is, you!–is reading my posts. Your comments and likes and retweets make me smile, and it is my pleasure to help spread the love for books with you.

Thank you to my family for all of your unconditional love and support. I would not be here today if you did not support me in all of my endeavors. I love you all. Thanks to my mom and dad for being there for me from blogging to music. Thanks to my sister for also supporting me.

Finally, thanks to God, who has given me the great gift of life and all of my talents and blessings. This blog would not have existed without Him. I attribute all of my successes to His grace, and I certainly pray He may continually guide me as a book blogger and help me use my blog to “unite book lovers, both big and li’l.” Thanks to my Heavenly mother Mary for also being there for me, and all of my saint friends for cheering me on every step of the way. Gloria in excelsis Deo.

Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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