Author Interviews

Interviews are sorted by age group of the book that is being featured. The four categories are Children’s, Middle Grade (MG), Young Adult (YA), and Adult.


Alice Faye Duncan: Memphis, Martin, and the Mountaintop


Middle Grade

Alan Gratz: Prisoner B-3087

Andrew Maraniss: Strong Inside: Young Readers Edition

Bryan Pentelow: Sprocket and the Heart of the North

Eliot Sappingfield: A Problematic Paradox

Jarrett Lerner: EngiNerds

Jenn Bishop: 14 Hollow Road

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley: The War that Saved My Life

Kym Brunner: Flip the Bird

M. Tara Crowl: Eden’s Wish

Monika Schröder: Be Light Like a Bird

N. R. Bergeson: The Magnificent Glass Globe

Nancy J. Cavanaugh: Just Like Me


Young Adult

Abby J. Reed: When Planets Fall

Adrianne Finlay: Your One & Only

Amanda McCrina: Blood Road

Austin Aslan: The Islands at the End of the World

Brittany Goodwin: If You’re Gone

Chris Ledbetter: The Sky Throne

Dee Garretson: Station Fosaan

E. M. Fitch: Of the Trees

Eleni McKnight: Home

Elle Cosimano: Holding Smoke

Erin Beaty: The Traitor’s Kiss

F. C. Yee: The Epic Crush of Genie Lo

Gwen C. Katz: Among the Red Stars

Heather Kaczynski: Dare Mighty Things

Helene Dunbar: These Gentle Wounds

J. M. Sullivan: Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles

Jennifer Bardsley: Damaged Goods

Jennifer Brody: The 13th Continuum

Jennifer Brody: The United Continuums (Author Q&A featured in book)

Jennifer DiGiovanni: My Senior Year of Awesomeness

Jennifer M. Eaton: Embers in the Sea

Jon Del Arroz: For Steam and Country

Kasie West: Lucky in Love

K. M. Robinson: Golden

Kathryn Ormsbee: Tash Hearts Tolstoy

Leslie Hauser: Chasing Eveline

Lyndsay Ely: Gunslinger Girl

Maggie Ann Martin: The Big F

Mary Fan: Starswept

Mary Weber: Reclaiming Shilo Snow

Melanie McFarlane: Summoner Rising

Merrie Destefano: Fairytale Christmas

Mindy McGinnis: Given to the Sea

Molly Booth: Saving Hamlet

Nadine Brandes: A Time to Die

Nic Stone: Dear Martin

Patty Blount: The Way It Hurts

Pintip Dunn: Girl on the Verge

Rich Paz: Enoch and the Stars Above

Sandhya Menon: When Dimple Met Rishi

Scott Reintgen: Nyxia

Sheba Karim: That Thing We Call a Heart

Stephanie Elliot: Sad Perfect

Teymour Shahabi: The Secret Billionaire

Tobie Easton: Emerge

Tom Twitchel: Knack



Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks: Weave a Murderous Web

Eva Pasco: An Enlightening Quiche

J. L. Pattison: Alibi Interrupted

Lorna Hollifield: Tobacco Sun

Marie Silk: Davenport House

Melanie Ifield: The Age of Corruption

Pamela Schloesser Canepa: Detours in Time


Upcoming Interviews

Chelsea Sedoti: As You Wish

Jake Burt: Greetings from Witness Protection

Amy Trueblood: Nothing but Sky

Melissa Roske: Kat Greene Comes Clean

Patrick Moody: The Gravedigger’s Son