Happy Thanksgiving! An Acknowledgements-Styled Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!! I hope you are having a blessed day full of food, love, and family! I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped me out in my blog, so I’ve decided to write a little “Acknowledgements” section here like I would do if I were to write a novel.

It’s been a great two-and-a-half years as a book blogger, and I certainly would not be able to be where I am today without the help of some amazing people.

Thanks to Lilly, Cayli, and Kelsey for being three of the greatest co-bloggers I could ever have. Certainly, you have helped me out a tremendous amount, and I had such a great time blogging with you all. I hope many amazing books will be in your futures!

Thank you to all the bloggers, Twitter friends, and blog readers who have encouraged me throughout my blogging journey, especially Krysti, Sarah, Ashleigh, and Karlita for all of their love, support, and bookish conversations. Thanks to Danielle, whose frequent comments on my blog posts make my day. Stephanie, you may not be here with us today, but you will always be in my heart for being my best blogger friend and my virtual teacher.

Thanks to every single author who I’ve interacted with both online and in real life who have been on my blog and who have supported me in all of my endeavors. Thanks to Jarrett Lerner, who has introduced me to the wonderful MG community. I’m giving another huge thank you to Alice Faye Duncan, who certainly has inspired and encouraged me in my personal life. Thanks to Melissa Ostrom for all of your love and support online–seeing your Tweets online makes me smile. Thank you, Mary Weber, for blessing me greatly with your fun and caring personality and for the conversation we had over Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee at SE-YA. More thanks to Nadine Brandes and Monica Tesler for changing my life with your books. Thank you Jennifer Brody for being the first author I’ve ever connected with and became an enormous fan of. Thanks to D. G. Driver for hanging out with me at SFB and being such a great friend (a local author friend!) both online and offline. Finally, thanks to the Tennessee kidlit community, the MG community, and the YA community for all of your encouragement and support, including Kristin O’Donnell Tubb, Andrew Maraniss, Linda Williams Jackson, Corabel Shofner, Jenn Bishop, Dana Middleton, Ann Braden, Bridget Hodder, Brad McLelland, Melissa Roske, Mindee Arnett, Kathleen Burkinshaw, Shaila Patel, Monika Schroeder, Christina Soontornvat, Jake Burt, Rebecca Donnelly, Mary Fan, Sally J. Pla, Alyssa Hollingsworth, and Lyndsay Ely. I’m probably forgetting a whole bunch of people, but THANK YOU!

Thanks so much to Morgan Rath, my publicity contact at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, for introducing me to so many wonderful books and authors. I certainly would not have the opportunity to help promote so many amazing books if we were not connected. Thanks also to Jean at JeanBookNerd, who has brought me onto some amazing blog tours. I appreciate all of your kindness and understanding, and it is my pleasure to work with the best blog tour organizer ever.

Thanks so much to my librarians, Mrs. Mason and Mrs. McCartney, for helping cultivate my love of books. Thank you, Mrs. Mason, for helping instill in me a newfound passion for reading, and thank you, Mrs. McCartney, for allowing me to be a library assistant to help spread my love of books to others in our school. Thank you to my 9th grade English teacher Mrs. Cox, who also was influential in not only growing my love for books but also helping bring about the idea for me to start book blogging.

Thank you readers, for supporting me by subscribing to my blog and social media platforms and reading my posts. It means a lot that somebody–that is, you!–is reading my posts. Your comments and likes and retweets make me smile, and it is my pleasure to help spread the love for books with you.

Thank you to my family for all of your unconditional love and support. I would not be here today if you did not support me in all of my endeavors. I love you all. Thanks to my mom and dad for being there for me from blogging to music. Thanks to my sister for also supporting me.

Finally, thanks to God, who has given me the great gift of life and all of my talents and blessings. This blog would not have existed without Him. I attribute all of my successes to His grace, and I certainly pray He may continually guide me as a book blogger and help me use my blog to “unite book lovers, both big and li’l.” Thanks to my Heavenly mother Mary for also being there for me, and all of my saint friends for cheering me on every step of the way. Gloria in excelsis Deo.

Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Comment below, or find me in one of my social media pages, and let’s chat!

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Merry Christmas from the LILbooKlovers Team!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the blog in any way they could. We appreciate every single little bit of love and support you have given us. Although there are three of us here at LILbooKlovers, the LILbooKlovers community extends to all the bibliophiles, avid readers, bloggers, authors, writers, poets, etc. that have been on the blog–whether it’s just a view or on a post. LILbooKlovers was created to unite book lovers, whether you’re big or “lil,” all around the globe, and certainly we’ve managed to do that this year.

To our guest authors and author friends, thank you for coming onto the blog, sending your books to review, or helping us out. We appreciate all the writing advice you’ve given, the fun conversations in-person and online we’ve had, and all the cheering you have shown us along the way. There’s so many writers we would love to thank, from those I’ve met at SE-YA and SFB to all the debuts (2017 and 2018) I’ve helped out to all those I’m in a street team with and more. It truly means a lot, and I would love to continue seeing the LILbooKlovers community grow.

To all the book bloggers who have helped us become better bloggers, thank you! We really appreciate all the love and support we’ve received from you, from all the comments to the Twitter conversations. It means so much to us that you decided to help us out and befriend us online.

To all our subscribers and readers, thank you for viewing the blog! Knowing that we’re spreading our love of reading to fellow bibliophiles like you is why we created the blog in the first place. We appreciate every single view, like, comment, etc. that you give us because each one gives us encouragement to continue on.

Your love and support means the world to us, and we hope that your Christmas is full of joy, peace, and many new and amazing books to read!


Summer Vacation! Universal Studios’s Diagon Alley and More!


I’m back! And boy, do I have sleep to catch up too. But no biggie. I’m super excited to reveal some of the photos I took in Orlando’s Universal Studios!

Every moment in Florida had its ups and downs, but overall, it was a pleasant experience. The one thing I did not enjoy was the traveling in between. It took like an hour to get to Walmart from our home…. crazy! And here Walmart is like five minutes away.House

But it was awesome, I have to say that. I loved seeing all the cool stores and people as we passed them on the road. Oh, and the houses! Awww just the houses themselves made me want to move here; they were so magnificent and gorgeous!

Before we even got to Universal Studios, we thought we would have fun around the town we were staying at. We hoped in the car and drove a million miles–it seemed like–to different stores to pick up bathing suits and sunscreen… and books! I felt like I had to beg them to let me just walk into Books-A-Million. I succeeded, coming back out with two new books to add to my collection plus a little button that said “You Donated to the Military.”img_0592.jpg

I just want to point out this squirrel. I mean, look at him. In the words of Danny Tanner… “Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” The little guy was laying there, staring at us as he bathed in the sun. Didn’t last long… some of my group wanted to see just how friendly the squirrel was.


We made it to a beach! Siesta Beach is absolutely beautiful, and I completely recommend it. The downsides of beaches, though, is that there is sand EVVVEERRRYYWWHHHHEERREE. I’m still finding it in my clothes. We set up our station and waded into the water the first chance we got. It was amazing. Did I ever mention that I haven’t been to a beach in a forever?

We (and as in we I mean me ) sat down and tried to overcome the waves. But in the end, I think they won from the amount of sand in my bathing suit. Saying things like, “I am Percy Jackson! You will bow down to me. Moana says stay away- *engulfed in water*”

Girl on the TrainAnd of course I had to take some photos for my new Bookstagram!

If you have Instagram, follow me @LILBooKlovers! I’m really new, and I feel like I can use a lot of the time I’m busy doing things to post some pictures here and there to stay connected to the world of books!




And finally, we made it to Universal Studios. Amazing that it was! We first headed to Diagon Alley, skipping over everything else just because we needed to see Diagon Alley first. I just wanted to point out that this picture of Captain America and I (excuse me face) was taken the next day when we had explored every crevice and corner of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Our discussion was over what House Captain America would be in, and what do you guys think?


PenguinHere are just a series of pictures taken during our Harry Potter time. You’ll see Hogwarts and the Hogwarts Express. Some of the great things not pictures, however, we the amazing rides and the show inside Ollivander’s Wand Shop! A little girl was celebrating her birthday on that particular day, so they gifted her with a wand that was presented in the best of ways. They had her cast spells with it all over the room,  trading wans in when they didn’t do what they were supposed to do. And everyone knew she was a wizard just by the way she fluently pronounced her spells. In some ways, she reminded me a lot of Hermione.Hogwarts

If you are ever able to go to Universal Studios, I HIGHLY recommend the Harry Potter rides of all things. I loved one ride where you flew around on your broomstick, following Harry all over Hogwarts as Dementors scared you here and there…. and I got pretty scared. The dementors themselves were not screenplayed like the flying was. Your seat would move and the next thing you knew you were face to face with one of them. They were worse than the spiders that followed.

Diagon AlleyBut yeah, that’s my post on my week. I feel pretty satisfied with all I’ve seen, learned a lot (spoiler wise) on what happens in Harry Potter, but hey, it’s taken my this long to make them my priority so I deserve it. I feel like I could possibly enjoy it ten times more now that I actually feel like I’ve done the same things they’ve done ? I don’t know, it felt really cool to walk into the different shops and get my very own wand and a chocolate frog (I got Helga by the way).

I promised pictures and so here I am! Please don’t forget to follow Lilbooklovers on Instagram along with Twitter and Facebook! We would dearly appreciate your awesome support. 



Unveiling Our New Rating System!

Happy Sunday everybody! Today we are unveiling our new rating system! So last week, we shifted from a 10 star rating system to a 5 star rating system. I realized it is much easier to give out 3 stars than 6 stars, and because I’m too lenient with ratings, I got to be more strict. I’m giving way too many 4 stars than I should be on Goodreads, so I need to have a tougher rating scale. I’m just too nice with reviews. I go “But I don’t want to give it a 4-stars but it’s not 5!” So here it is!

So for our rating scale, we did… emojis! Since we’re all teens, and I heavily douse my texts and comments and conversations with emojis (and the occasional bitmoji), we decided to go with them as our rating scale. All emoji artwork is provided by EmojiOne. Definitely go check out their site; their emojis are great!

A Rating Scale

So our 5-star ratings will be reserved as New Favorites. If a book deserves a 6-star, I will mention if it deserves a 6-star. That’s reserved to ultimate favorites (like anything by Ruta Sepetys or Jennifer Brody).

A 5 StarOur 4-star ratings, which might be the most common, is for any book we enjoyed. I usually enjoy most of my books, so they would be rated as 4-stars.

A 4 StarNext is the 3-star rating, for books that I’m split on. I don’t exactly like it but I don’t exactly dislike it. I have mixed feelings. It’s not that great, and I was disappointed.

A 3 StarThe 2-star rating is next. I rarely dislike books, and when I do, it’s usually 2-stars. This is for books I did not like but I ended up (somehow) finishing. Like Nikolai Gogol’s The Nose, which I would have stopped reading- and it’s an 18-page short story- in the first few pages if it weren’t for an assignment.

A 2 Star

Lastly is the rare 1-star rating. I use this mostly for books I do not finish and just do not like. I sometimes have the urge to burn this book in a fire. Now, not all my DNF’s will be 1-star. If it’s for a review, I will choose to not rate at all since I want to help authors and publishers as much as I can. It will be rare for me to use this.

A 1 StarNow that’s our newest rating system! I hope you will enjoy it!

How do you rate your books? Do you have a special theme? Comment below your thoughts, and let’s chat!

Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester

My Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival Recap

Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago, I went to the best book festival in the world: the Southeastern Young Adult Book Festival in Murfreesboro, TN! SE-YA was so amazing, and my dad and I managed to brave the snow and see 35 out of 40 amazing authors! Here are some pics and highlights from the festival!



So I got this poster signed by a ton of fabulous authors, and I got four books signed: The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis, Emerge by Tobie Easton, The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron, and Mosquitoland by David Arnold. Both the books and authors are amazing, and I loved reading the books and chatting with the authors! They are super nice!


Sharon Cameron


Mindy McGinnis


David Arnold


Tobie Easton

I also met some of the most amazing authors I’ve been wanting to meet for a long time! They are super nice and fun to talk to, and I loved reading their books!


Shaila Patel


Jennifer M. Eaton


Brittany Goodwin
M. Tara Crowl

I also got to meet a ton of other authors that I’m so glad I got to meet! I didn’t take pictures with all of them, but I’m certainly glad I got the opportunity to meet them!


Monika Schroeder


Nicole Castroman
Cinda Williams Chima

I also got to meet Kym Brunner, Andrew Maraniss, E. Katherine Kottaras, Kathryn Ormsbee, Tracy Barrett, Brooks Benjamin, Jenn Bishop, I. W. Gregorio, C. J. Redwine, Beth Revis, Megan Shepherd, Lois Sepahban, Megan Shepherd, Sheba Karim, and more!!!! The full list of SE-YA 2017 authors is here: SE-YA 2017 Authors.

Well, that’s my 2017 SE-YA Recap in pictures, but if you want to know more, comment below, and let’s have a chat! Did you go to SE-YA? Have you read any books by these authors? Comment your thoughts!

Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester













Happy New Year! (Introducing the Team!)

Happy New Year everybody! Can you believe it’s finally 2017? I still cannot! Our team from LilbooKlovers would like to wish you all a blessed year! May it be filled it tons of books and writing and whatnot.

So we’ve gained so many followers over the past few weeks that we would like to introduce ourselves! How would you know who you’re reading? How would you know if we are the right reviewers for you? How would you know whether I am left or right handed (right, by the way)? Of course, you have the bio links above, but this post will! We will also introduce our newest blogger.

That was actually me days ago on New Year’s Eve Eve in Nashville, TN.


Firstly, me… My name is Kester, and I am a sophomore at Henry County High School. Yes, I am a MALE book blogger, a rare sight in today’s blogosphere. And yes, a MALE who loves to read, a rare sight in today’s society.. and my school… and everywhere else. I was the co-founder of LilbooKlovers, and I am the head blogger here. I also head the Twitter and Facebook pages. When I’m not reading or blogging, I’m found either praying, editing videos, playing the violin, singing, or surfing the web or my social media pages (Instagram & Twitter- @the_kesdawg, Snapchat – kesman17). I also would love to make as many reader, book blogger, and author friends as possible, so contact me at my email in the contact page!

I can act quite goofy at times!



Favorite Genres

  • Young Adult
  • Historical Fiction (especially World War II)
  • Humor
  • Comedian Memoirs
  • Catholic spiritual and apologetic books
  • Dystopian

Favorite Books

  • The Bible
  • Confidence in God, Words of Encouragement, by Rev. Daniel J. Considine
  • Between Shades of Gray, by Ruta Sepetys
  • The 13th Continuum, by Jennifer Brody
  • The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak
  • All the Bright Places, by Jennifer Niven

Favorite Authors

  • Ruta Sepetys
  • Jennifer Brody
  • Janet Evanovich
  • J. K. Rowling
  • John Green
  • Jennifer DiGiovanni

Next, we have Cayli! She is one of my classmates, too. She says, “I love art in all shapes and form. Books. Painting. Sketches. Movies. Photography. Architecture. I love it all! When I am not reading, I am writing in my journal or painting away in my tiny art room.”img_6539 Her favorites include:

Favorite Genres

  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult

Favorite Books

  • Clockwork Princess (Book Three) by Cassandra Clare
  • All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
  • Reboot by Amy Tintera
  • The 5th Wave (Book One to The 5th Wave trilogy) by Rick Yancey
  • Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

Favorite Authors

  • Cassandra Clare!!
  • Rick Riordan
  • Jennifer Niven
  • Rick Yancey
  • C.S. Lewis

Now that you got to know us two, give a warm welcome to our newest addition to our team, Kelsey! Woo hoo! She says, “Hiya! I’m so glad to be a part of the team. I’m a very avid reader so I’ll try to post as often as I can. When I don’t post I’ll be reading books to review.” Kelsey also loves to watch Netflix, sleep , and of course read! She is also our classmate at our school! Her favorites include:E.D. 100%

Favorite Genres:

  • Young Adult Romance
  • Mystery
  • Poetry
Favorite Books:
  • All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
  • Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
  • Made You Up by Francesca Zappia
  • Ten by Gretchen McNeil
  • Stolen by Lucy Christopher img_6540
Favorite Authors:
  • Jennifer Niven
  • Nicola Yoon
  • C.S. Lewis
  • Laurie Halse Anderson

So that’s the new team for LILbooKlovers! We are excited to work with y’all! Have a happy New Year everybody, and look out for an exclusive interview with an amazing author who has written many middle grade and young adult book later this week! Please, remember to share this post with all your friends! We need all the support we can get!





Upcoming Changes for the New Year

Greetings everybody! We would like to announce the upcoming changes that will take place in LILbooKlovers for the New 2017 Year!

One thing I would like to point out to all our new readers and viewers is that most of the posts will be written by Kester, who is the main book blogger and reviewer, but we will say who wrote the post on each one. Cayli also reviews and posts once in a while. You can actually tell who’s writing the post based off of our writing styles. Can you guess who’s writing this? If you need some help, compare the two links below, the top written by Kester and the bottom written by Cayli.

Kester’s Writing Style

Cayli’s Writing Style

Comment below who you think wrote this blog post!

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Would Anyone Like to Do a Giveaway Here?

Hi guys! Since the New Year is coming up, I am looking for any authors who would want to do a giveaway here on LILbooKlovers! I am able to do Rafflecopters or other kinds of giveaways!

It would be a great way for both you the author and us the bloggers for more publicity, promotion, etc. The only thing is because I am a teenager, if the item is a book or large item, you will have to send it from your own place. If it’s anything like signed swag or such that you can send in an envelope, I might be able to send it from my house.

I would love to do one with any of you! Please contact me for more details on how to plan it! Thanks!

Merry Christmas, Book Fans!

It’s almost Christmas Day! Whoop whoop!!

What’s your favorite book surrounding Christmas? I have to say one of mine is Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle! This book contains three little romances within this one town. It’s a beautiful read, and I highly encourage it during this lovely month.

What about books that contain snow? Whether it be Holiday snow, mountain snow, or just a winter setting in a book? Hmmm… I have to mention Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick. I know, I know, some out there have read this book and hated it, but honestly, I enjoyed it. It was a nice read. I say read it with an open mind, and you might love it too.

What about books that contain magic and miracles? I’ll mention Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley! This is a beauiful story. It gave me a serious Peter Pan vibe, and Peter Pan was a little girl crush for me. A girl who “dies” to a horrible disease but comes back to find herself on a ship sailing through the sky! Magical, beautiful, and just GAH! ❤

What are some books you’ve been wanting on your shelf? My answer? Where do I start?? I seriously want the Chronicles of Narnia on my bookshelf for one. If you’re into fantasy and not too much into romance, this is the perfect series for you. I love romance, but this series was a wonderful read. Worthy of a place on my bookshelf!!

Soon I’ll have an interview with Gretchen McNeil here on our blog! She’s the author of TEN, which is currently being made into a movie. How exciting!!