Happy Thanksgiving!

From our family here at LILbooKlovers to yours, we all wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so thankful and blessed for all the books we have read or were sent, all the authors we have interacted with, and all the posts and reviews we have created. We would like to thank everyone, whether you are an author, a subscriber, a viewer, etc., for all their support, and we wish that every single one of you may have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family or friends. Thank you for everything!

LILbooKlovers Facebook Page

Hi guys! LILbooKlovers now has its own Facebook page! This is our first ever post! Please like and subscribe to follow our upcoming posts and reviews, and since it’s Facebook, maybe some exclusive posts and information not on the blog. Also please go view and subscribe (for phones, scroll to the bottom) to our blog, and don’t forget to confirm the email! Thanks, and stay tuned!

New Logo for LILbooKlovers!

Hey guys! LILbooKlovers has a new logo for the blog! I (Kester) designed it using Google Docs. Here is the new logo below!


I’m going to upload the changes onto our blog, and I will make business cards to help promote our blog via in person and word-of-mouth! Look out for some new reviews (including Alex Abaz’s What’s Next?), and a new installment series on my visit to the Southern Festival of Books (with me meeting some very famous and cool authors)!

Tuesday Newsday

With Hillary Clinton clinching the Democratic nomination, today’s Tuesday Newsday will feature a special political book poll!
If you were to read either one of Trump’s or Clinton’s political memoirs, which would you choose to read?

  • A. “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again” by Donald Trump
  • B. “Hard Choices” by Hillary Clinton
  • C. Another candidate’s political memoir!

Comment below to answer today’s Tuesday Newsday question!