Hi, guys! Cayli’s the name, blogging’s my game. I’ve been here for a while now. As I slowly get used to the awesomeness that is book blogging, I don’t think I’d ever turn away from being apart of an amazing group.

Alrighty then, so…

Like my co-bloggers, I go to Henry County High as a Sophomore. I enjoy my time with my friends, but to be honest here, I am kind of an introvert. When I’m by myself, I stay occupied with a good book or maybe a pencil in my hand to doodle on a piece of paper!

I would love to review any books that come my way! So if you’re dying for a review on something you’ve written, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be more than happy to read and review it. Sometimes I’ll be covered in books though (because I also can’t say no .-.), so if I am in that situation, I’ll tell you. I want you to know how long I will have your book for until I get finish it.

I also enjoy writing myself. Co-Blogger Kelsey gave me a journal for Christmas, and I write in it all the time. Whatever I wish to write! My dream is to become a published author, and more so inspiring other young readers as authors have done for me. I love to entertain people…make them smile and laugh. Warms my heart.

Hmmm… I have a blue room, meaning blue walls, blue curtains, blue bed… guess you could say I love blue. I live on a quiet street-Note: as I was writing this as couple of neighorhood boys lit up firecrackers in their yard! – nothing much happens. Very peaceful. Nope. Nothing.

My favorite place in the world? Probably somewhere out of my world. In a book. I think what satisfies me the most would be the Bible. Reading it renews me.

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I love to talk to authors about their books and discuss questions that I have. I would love to review any books you wish for me to read, and I will post the review on this here blog. It’d be absolutely awesome to have a copy of the book. I don’t really read from my Kindle, but if there is no other way, let me dust it off and I can get it that way too!