Author Guest Posts

Guest posts are sorted by age group of the book that is being featured. The three categories are Middle Grade (MG), Young Adult (YA), and Adult. New Adult will be sorted as Adult.

Middle Grade

Bridget Hodder (The Rat Prince): Why Fairy Tales? A Theory of Magic

Nancy J. Cavanaugh (Elsie Mae Has Something to Say): My Writing Process for Elsie Mae Has Something to Say


Young Adult

Amber R. Duell (Fragile Chaos): Infusing Myth with Reality

Ben Galley (The Heart of Stone): Creating Diverse Character Personalities

Casey Griffin (Secrets of a Reluctant Princess): Speaking to Teens

Christina Bauer (Angelbound): Top 10 Ways to Find a Good Book

Deanna Cabinian (One Night): Writing from a Guy’s Perspective as a Female Author

Elle Cosimano (The Suffering Tree): How I Found the Perfect Agent

Gia Cribbs (The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan): Plotting, Pantsing, and the Art of Surprise

K. M. Robinson (Golden): How to Score a Killer Author Interview

Kristin Smith (Forgotten): Is Dystopian Dead?

Lauren Jankowski (Fragile Chaos):  Building the Meadows, the Home of the Guardians

Mallory McCartney (Black Dawn): Creating a Fantasy and Its History

Meg Eden (Post-High School Reality Quest): Translating Play: Turning Games into Novels

Shaila Patel (Soulmated): Avoiding the Traps in Writing Romance



Alex Abaz (Internet Marketing Tips-4-Clicks): Why Free eBook Downloads and Giveaways are Not a Super Book Deal for Authors or Readers and How Reviews and Ratings Can Help

Devorah Fox (The Lost King): Pros and Cons of Fantasy Writing

Elise Kova (The Alchemists of Loom): Timeline of Events Leading up to and in The Alchemists of Loom

J. L. Pattison (Saving Kennedy): 6 Tips on Using Social Media for Writers who Don’t Like Using Social Media


Upcoming Guest Posts!

Monica Tesler (Bounders: Earth Force Rising): Embracing What Makes You Unique

B. W. Morris (Six Pack: Emergence): TBD