I LOVE to read, but there are several genres that I just prefer not to read. However, I am always open to suggestions and will consider every book. I prefer hard copies but I will accept e-books. I also prefer if I would be able to keep the copy of the book, but I will also consider some books I have to send back. I will be happy to read your finished book and review it, but because of school, it could take a while sometimes. Usually, I could finish your book within 2-5 days. But because school has started, it may take a while for me to finish a book, so the review may come between 4-6 weeks. I will post reviews on the blog only. 

Genres I will most likely take:

* Young Adult

* Poetry

* Mystery

* Romance

Genres I will consider:

* Fantasy

* Dystopian

* Sci-Fi

* Horror

Also, I will be using the same scale as Kester.