Rating Scale

11 – Only reserved for new favorites!

10- I find no errors, and/or I really enjoyed it.

9- I found a few things I don’t like, and/or I really liked it.

8- There were some things I didn’t like, and/or I liked it, but I found myself a little bored at parts, and/or I could have liked it a bit better but I couldn’t.

7- I find some things unfavorable for me, and/or I didn’t like it as much.

6- I liked some of it, but mostly I didn’t like it. Usually reserved for books I had high hopes and failed me.

5- Neutral, I liked it half and half.

4- Disliked it a bit. Could have been way better!

3- Finished, but really disliked it.

2- Stopped before the end after the first quarter. Thought it would get better, but it didn’t.

1- Stopped in the first quarter. Couldn’t stand it. Just don’t try to read it.