Unveiling Our New Rating System!

Happy Sunday everybody! Today we are unveiling our new rating system! So last week, we shifted from a 10 star rating system to a 5 star rating system. I realized it is much easier to give out 3 stars than 6 stars, and because I’m too lenient with ratings, I got to be more strict. I’m giving way too many 4 stars than I should be on Goodreads, so I need to have a tougher rating scale. I’m just too nice with reviews. I go “But I don’t want to give it a 4-stars but it’s not 5!” So here it is!

So for our rating scale, we did… emojis! Since we’re all teens, and I heavily douse my texts and comments and conversations with emojis (and the occasional bitmoji), we decided to go with them as our rating scale. All emoji artwork is provided by EmojiOne. Definitely go check out their site; their emojis are great!

A Rating Scale

So our 5-star ratings will be reserved as New Favorites. If a book deserves a 6-star, I will mention if it deserves a 6-star. That’s reserved to ultimate favorites (like anything by Ruta Sepetys or Jennifer Brody).

A 5 StarOur 4-star ratings, which might be the most common, is for any book we enjoyed. I usually enjoy most of my books, so they would be rated as 4-stars.

A 4 StarNext is the 3-star rating, for books that I’m split on. I don’t exactly like it but I don’t exactly dislike it. I have mixed feelings. It’s not that great, and I was disappointed.

A 3 StarThe 2-star rating is next. I rarely dislike books, and when I do, it’s usually 2-stars. This is for books I did not like but I ended up (somehow) finishing. Like Nikolai Gogol’s The Nose, which I would have stopped reading- and it’s an 18-page short story- in the first few pages if it weren’t for an assignment.

A 2 Star

Lastly is the rare 1-star rating. I use this mostly for books I do not finish and just do not like. I sometimes have the urge to burn this book in a fire. Now, not all my DNF’s will be 1-star. If it’s for a review, I will choose to not rate at all since I want to help authors and publishers as much as I can. It will be rare for me to use this.

A 1 StarNow that’s our newest rating system! I hope you will enjoy it!

How do you rate your books? Do you have a special theme? Comment below your thoughts, and let’s chat!

Happy Reading!

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester