LILbooKtalks are online discussion panels in which two (or more) authors talk about a theme that is related to both of their books. This segment was created by Kester in an effort to bring something new not only to the blog but to the book blogging world itself.

LILbooKtalks are ordered by most recent to the oldest from top to bottom.

November 2018: “Neurodiversity in Children and Children’s Literature” with Sally J. Pla and Monica Tesler

October 2018: “Using the Power of Storytelling to Promote STEM to Students” with Jarrett Lerner and Mary Fan

September 2018: “One Series, Two Authors: Collaborating on Legends of the Lost Causes with Brad McLelland and Louis Sylvester

August 2018: “Back to School: Instilling a Love of Reading in Students” with Rebecca Donnelly and Jake Burt

July 2018: “Finding Your Narnia: Transporting Readers to Magical Worlds” with Christina Soontornvat and K. E. Ormsbee

June 2018: “Never Losing Hope in a Future of Uncertainty” with Dana Middleton and Alyssa Hollingsworth

May 2018: “Mermaid Tails and Fairy Tales” with D. G. Driver and Tobie Easton

April 2018: “Portraying Pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement for Young Readers” with Alice Faye Duncan and Andrew Maraniss

March 2018: “From Film to Fiction to Film Again” with Jennifer Brody and Brittany Goodwin

February 2018: “Healing through Stories: Two Novels of Uniting Families” with Corabel Shofner and Leslie Hauser

January 2018: “The Importance of Historical Fiction for Young Readers” with Linda Williams Jackson and Gwen C. Katz

December 2017: “Overcoming Obstacles in Middle Grade Fiction” with Emily Blejwas and Brooks Benjamin


Upcoming LILbooKtalks!

“Bridging the Poverty Cultural Divide at Home and Abroad” with Melissa Sarno and Marie Miranda Cruz

“Luck of the Irish: Tales of Perseverance and Resilience” with Rosanne Parry and Sarah J. Carlson

“Honoring the Stories of Our Ancestors” with Supriya Kelkar and Kathleen Burkinshaw

Authors, please contact Kester if you’d like to be considered for any future LILbooKtalks!