Review: The Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor by Ellie Firestone

Hi guys! I am taking a brief hiatus from most blog-related activities this week and next until Spring Break rolls around. I’ll still respond to comments here and on social media, but I’m putting the blog aside a bit for the meantime since I am trying to catch up on everything from schoolwork to other extracurriculars. Today, I am posting my review

About The Misadventure of Bolingbroke ManorThe Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor

You and your two friends are on a ghost hunting trip at Bolingbroke Manor, an old and reputably haunted mansion. But do you have what it takes to defeat the ghost, and, more importantly, get out alive?

Click on the links to make your decisions and save the day with this fast-paced interactive adventure!


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4 Stars

Disclaimer: Thanks so much to the author for sending me a free electronic copy of this book for review consideration. This will not affect my review in any way.

I love text-adventure games! I remember in middle school reading a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book about visiting the Statue of Liberty and either getting involved in a crime heist or being transported back in time to Ellis Island in the early 20th century. The Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor was a delight to read! This interactive adventure will both entertain and spook readers as they search for elusive ghosts in the manor, but trouble and mayhem is very close at each turn. I certainly had a really fun time as I sped through this book—I did not stop until I went through every single outcome possible!

The author, the wonderful Ellie Firestone, told me that this was the first book she had written, which was at the age of 12. As I was going through the adventure, I was astonished at how advanced and impressive her writing style was at the time! I thought to myself, “I would have thought the author was older at the time if she hadn’t told me she was 12 when she wrote it! I wish I had that writing capabilities back in middle school!” Firestone put me on the edge of my seat the entire time. There were times I chuckled and there were times I jumped in my chair. The Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor is perfect for children and adults of all ages! It may be very simple and short, but it was very well-written!

I wish the story itself and its outcomes were more complex and had more possibilities. The author did use the same “future” as the outcome for multiple choices on different “pages,” and while this did simplify the storyline, I wanted more endings/decision forks to happen. However, I still loved Firestone’s book nonetheless! The Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor is a very engaging and entertaining adventure that’s perfect for those who want a light spook or fun time. I could not help but grin the entire time and go “What’s going to happen next?” It may take only a few minutes to go through, but it is definitely worth the time spent. I see a bright future for Ellie Firestone’s writing career (and she’s a teen like me)!

Happy Reading!

Have you read The Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor? Do you like reading scary stories?

+ J.M.J.

~ Kester

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor by Ellie Firestone

  1. Ohhhh I wanna read that!!

    I had a bunch of “passe-peur” when I was younger, which is french interractive books like that ! you would have some “actions” going on and you would need to flip the page, and go with the image at the bottom of the page you stopped on ! (eye open or closed if wanting to know if they saw you, a foot or a hand for if you escaped, an open or closed door if it was locked, etc.). Looks the same concept, so i’d be in ! ((and im a fan of ghost stories..))

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